The Journal of Thorgrim Ironhorn

Begun shortly after his glimpse at the malevolent void within the crystal, this journal is a record of Thorgrim’s travels, his observations, his secrets, and his addle-pated ravings. It is dated according to a bizarre calendar of his own invention, supposedly sidereal in nature.

Thorgrim’s Log: Stardate 1

Broke into cave and killed many a residuum-skinned beastie, and then some giant ants broke in and tried ta steal our kills, but we beat ‘em off. We found a fooked-up crystal and I was able to break its defenses down with an old copy of Brandendorf’s Silver Key that I got from a ritual book. Then I had a fookin’ amazin’ vision. More on that later. Beard and hair now white.

Came back to that hunter fellow. Seems friendly – too friendly. Gotta keep an eye on that one. And another eye on the rest of these crossroads folk. And another eye on the night sky. Never know when it may happen, and I’m sure as hell not gonna miss seeing it when they come to claim their spawn from out o’ the earth. So that’s three eyes in all. Shouldn’t be hard.

Gotta find those gnolls, them what calls themselves the Gnarlashi, so we can relieve ‘em of their undead-raisin’ scrolls. We’re so close, but dare not make a direct approach. We hit crossroads on the morrow. Hopefully the duergar, my long-lost cousins, can help us.

The Journal of Thorgrim Ironhorn

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