In the Cities of the Dead

For a few shards more

Well, it is done. Thorgrim’s mad ritual has broken the stone, and we have emerged from the cave more or less intact—and in possession of a number of crystal fragments which the dwarf most firmly believes contain great power. I cannot deny that there is something unsettling about these shards. As Thorgrim worked to release the enchantment, I saw again the otherworldly visions which nearly engulfed us at the statue of eyes. I have no doubt that the strange, barren place glimpsed through the light means us some dreadful harm. That the apparition should recur here, in entirely different circumstances, is both curious and frightening. And now, some distance to the north, a great flow of lava has appeared, glowing with the same pink-purple light. With what are we meddling, I would ask? Erathis protect us all.

Now we journey to Crossroads, where we may find some news of the Hyena-folk and the dangers to be found in the Scar. It is said to be a rough town, small and mean. In a way, this is a comfort. Westrun had begun to seem so confining, yet after all that we have seen, I would welcome rest in a place built by human hands, to human scale.



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